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Homeowner FAQs

Do you ever wonder why Estate Sale Companies require that the home is vacant during the whole process? Here are a few blatantly honest reasons why:

  • First and foremost: It is not safe to live in the house while it is being set up. Companies are in the process of sorting items, piles are everywhere 


  • Homeowners have been know to do things that are not enjoyed by estate sale companies such as:

    • Moving items around 

    • Repricing items

    • Bossing the workers around

    • Accidentaly taking company supplies

    • Talking worker's ears off

    • Standing in the way while workers are trying to move things around

    • Last minute (night before sale) decisions to pull items that were supposed to be in the sale

    • Accusing workers of stealing things when they were moved somewhere else in the home

    • Making it inconvenient for the company to unload and load supplies by parking in the driveway

  • On ocassion, the need to work long hours in a home is required. It can be very intrusive

  • If you're still living there, there's a chance you wouldn't be ready for the set-up. It is best to have all your items out or completely locked away days before set-up


  • It gets confusing for companies to keep the sale items separate from the items you are keeping. Even if you are keeping things in a locked room, there still is always that last minute thing that gets left out that is not supposed to be in the sale

  • It is not cost-effective to have people walking around talking to the workers

  • Workers are running around with boxes and items, homeowners can block the flow of work

  • Workers are uncomfortable with people standing around watching them

  • Companies cannot babysit items that are not protected and not locked away. So you items are vulnerable to customers that do not follow the rules and still look under tarps and open unlocked doors to rooms that are not designated for the sale

  • Companies ALWAYS need driveway access. We are always lugging heavy tables and supplies in and out of the house. 

  • We are professionals. Homeowners hire us to do our job.  We do our best, we do not need directions.

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