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For Our Shoppers


  • Prices are available once the sale begins

  • We try to make the sale as pleasant and fair to everyone attending. No early bird shoppers (pre-sales)

  • Apple pay and Zelle are accepted for no fee. Credit cards accepted at 3%

  • Checks are not accepted

  • We are not responsible for accidents or injuries during the sale

  • All sales are final so please inspect purchases carefully

  • The first person who arrives the morning of the sale may start a list. The list must be watched until the sale begins. Meaning...if you need leave for some reason, please hand the list off to someone else there until you return. If your name is called and you are not present, your name gets moved to the end of the list

  • You must bring help when picking up large items. Occasionally we have someone available to help but that is not guaranteed. We have a couple of dedicated movers that can give you a quote with reasonable prices

  • No public washroom available

  • If a photo was removed from any of our sales, that does not mean that it was pre-sold. We do not pre-sell items! It might mean that it was removed by the homeowner or the photo was replaced with a re-staged photo

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