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Call us at (630) 432-0926 for a free, no-obligation appointment to set up a personalized plan based on your needs. 

sale preparation

SET-UP. We sort, organize and professionally display your items with our own tables, racks, lights, locked cases, etc. We believe our clients deserve the dignity of a well-presented sale. And while setting-up, we will put anything away that we think would be personal or of sentimental value to you.

PRICING. We price your items at the current fair market value with a focus on generating sales. After all—since we are entirely commission based—if YOU don’t make money, WE don’t make money! We research any item that we are not familiar with or bring in an expert if needed—we absorb any associated appraisal costs.

PHOTOGRAPHING & ADVERTISING. We photograph as many items as possible to help advertise your sale. Our graphic designer enhances the photos and then uploads them to multiple mobile ad platforms. We also display highly visible yard signage in the vicinity of the sale that directs buyers to your sale (where local regulations allow). And, we obtain all necessary permits where applicable.

the sale

CONDUCT THE SALE. We staff your sale with a uniformed, trusted and experienced crew who maintain organization and encourage sales. Most of them have been with us for years! We also maintain the security of your items as well as your home.   


We can provide customers with a moving company resource to transport larger items.  We will even collaborate with your realtor to promote the sale of your home during the event! 


Bags and wrap are provided for purchases.


We accept credit cards for purchases (We absorb the merchant fees!)

empty house

CHARITY AND / OR CLEAN-OUT. Some of our competitors offer to buy-out or clean-out any remaining items in your home—this can be a real conflict of interest!  ShopHound has several charities and clean-out services to whom we can refer you.  We have known most of our sources for many years...we trust them and they do a great job. Or, if you prefer, we can oversee this process for you for a small fee.

No Hidden Fees