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Gail Maru

Owner / President

Gail has been conducting successful estate sales in the Chicago suburbs for almost a decade. 

Hope Heiser

Vice President

Hope hired Gail's (then previous) company to conduct her estate sale. After a very successful sale, she joined the company as a crew member.

Fantastic Crew


The Shop Hound crew are trusted and experienced individuals that Gail has known and worked with for years! Three of them are former clients!  During sales they maintain organization and ensure safety throughout the home, assist customers, and encourage sales. Staff always wear uniforms for easy identification.

Gail hand-picks each crew member for each sale according to their area of expertise.  Crew members have experience in sales, antiques, fine and costume jewelry, current fashion designer brands and trends, fine and vintage collectibles, fishing and sporting equipment, tools, vehicles and much more!

Their compassion, hard work, integrity, and love of the business have all contributed to many years of success, a solid reputation and happy customers! Gail and her crew HAVE EXPERIENCE...they’ve conducted over 400 sales in almost a decade! Don’t leave it up to chance! Their reputation is as sharp as a hound’s tooth. Gail will gladly provide you with references upon request.

Sales and Assistance. Knowledge of fashion and jewelry
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Have. Experience.